Applying To International Universities – The Cultural Side

Who does not want to go to a famous University like Oxford, Harvard or the Sorbonne? As the world gets more competitive, the quality of University you get your degree from can determine a lot about your future. Getting a University degree from a high-quality international University can give you that edge over top graduates from a University in your own country.

What many applicants do not realize is that applying to a University, especially an overseas University, is not just a matter of going through the application process. Anyone can do that, and, at prestigious Universities, many more do than get in! To paraphrase the Bible: “many knock at the admissions office door, but few are allowed in”.

Even when English-speaking students apply to English-medium Universities overseas, there is an element of culture involved. Culture means, to make it very simple, “how people think and behave in a certain country”. Americans, Britons, Australians, New Zealanders, and Canadians, for example, speak the same language but have different cultures. We think that they are the same because the differences are so much less than the differences from countries where English is not the first language.

Even countries which use the same examination system do not necessarily have the same culture, and that leads to surprises. Each year, millions of Nigerians, Indians, Kenyans, Pakistanis, Malays, and west Indians, who went through “British system” schools with good marks, fail to get into good British, Australian, and Canadian Universities when they try. Getting a high grade point average in a public high school in Nebraska may not get you into Cambridge either. Nor will an Ivy League University in America necessarily give your British public school (more so if it is in Africa or Asia) the credibility that Universities in your country would.

Of course, you need to be smart. Yes, you need a good education. The best strategy in the world will not get a moron into a top University. Yet most of those who do not get into the University of their dreams are not morons at all: they are quite smart and have done well at school. Thus, the greater the heartbreak when they fail. They just cannot understand why!

The cultural side of University admissions involves things like perception and value. You may well have to “sell” your secondary school to your prospective University, just because they have not heard of it before. Remember one thing: the top Universities stay at the top because they only admit students who are almost sure to succeed, both in their Universities and in their careers. They do not like to take chances. Yet telling the admissions office how great your school was will not even begin to sell it.

British students may have to give information to American Universities that they never thought of to get in, and they may not always be asked for it. Similarly, American students may find that the things they think are their strongest points are of no interest at all to British Universities: at least unless they are presented in a certain way. To generalize (which of course means that there are many exceptions), American Universities are more interested in the student as a person, while British Universities are more interested in the student’s academic excellence, standing apart from other applicants.

African and Asian students who top their class in English-medium schools in their countries often learn methods that make them fail in western Universities, and never learn methods that will make them succeed. That is not a matter of bad education: it is education for the wrong culture. One clear example: in Africa or Asia, if you memorize the textbook, you are a good student and will get top marks. In Britain or America, if you memorize the textbook, you have no creativity and will fail the examination. That sort of thing will show up in the application process, and the University admissions committees know just where to look: unfortunately the students have no idea about any of this and just fill in the forms in their customary way.

Confused yet? Hopeless? Does it all sound impossible? Here is the good news: it is nowhere near impossible! Thousands of students get into the overseas Universities of their dreams each year, succeed and go on to great things. It is very possible, but those who succeed have the right strategies, the right information, and the right advice.

How do I know? I know because I have been helping students to get into overseas Universities for years. I remember one Malaysian student, when I was teaching at Victoria University of Wellington, who wanted to get into a British University to become a Barrister. Her English was good enough, but her confidence was not. She knew little about the British Universities, even which ones to apply to. I just answered her questions at every step of the way, and I think I gave her a letter of reference. Just that was enough help for her.

Another Taiwanese student was snowed under by the UCAS system of application to British Universities. English was part of the problem, but the biggest problem was just total unfamiliarity with the whole system. I just stayed with him through the process, checked his forms and advised him on options, and kept his spirits up. I was so happy, some 4 years later. when he came back to thank me, Commerce degree in hand.

Either one of them, or many others whom I tutored on their IELTS or TOEFL examinations or helped them to improve their writing and reading skills to succeed in college, could easily have failed if no one had been there. You do not just need an application essay editor or a high school guidance counsellor. You need a professional advisor who can help on EVERYTHING!: that is, whatever you, specifically, need to get into the University of your dreams. It will not be a 1-day, or 1-month process: the earlier you start, the more likely you are to succeed.

One important tip: the application process does NOT start when you get the application form! A successful application to a major University starts YEARS in advance: in the school you choose, the subjects you choose, and the activities you participate in. After that, the form-filling process is either a matter of good strategy or disaster management to succeed.

So you need someone who can go the distance, and not run the clock at Madison Avenue rates every time you have a question. If I am not the one helping you, find someone in your family or neighborhood who has “been there, done that” (no “instant experts” need apply).

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Continuing Education Courses for Everyone

Education is one of, if not the most valuable attributes an individual can have. With education someone is able to solve problems, sell products, analyze data, and much more. There are many different types of continuing education available. There is industry specific continuing education. This type of education is usually required by the state and enforced by state legislature. Some common forms of continuing education are continuing legal education (for lawyers), insurance continuing education (for insurance agents), real estate continuing education (for realtors) and adjuster continuing education (for public and insurance adjusters). These are just a few of the regulated professions out there. Most of these professionals do their continuing education either online or in a classroom to meet their compliance deadline.

Another type of continuing education is for individuals who want to go back to school to enhance their resume, change career fields or move up in their current company. Formal education at a college or University is one of the most widely used resources for everyone. College classes used to be done on campus, but now with technology changing online courses for adults have taken a huge leap. They are now almost as popular as adults continuing their education in a classroom. Many students complete a bachelor’s degree then work full-time for 15-20 years. They then find out they need higher education to continue to advance their career. This is where online education comes into play. Adults are able to balance their career, school, and their families at the same time. With the economy changing, other online students decide to go back to school for a complete career change. The healthcare industry for example has been booming. So a Master’s in Healthcare Management has been a popular degree choice over the past five years.

Adults are not the only ones utilizing online courses. Many 18-25 year old students also pursue online education. Many feel online education is more flexible and easier to do. They also like the fact they are learning the same material whether in a classroom or online. This was a major issue some time ago. Employers perceived online education as a “discounted” degree and only hired graduates from a campus based institution. Times have definitely changed! Now, large Universities such as Penn State, Drexler, and even Harvard offer online classes and online degree programs. These larger accredited institutions have really helped change the perception of an online degree.

How to Choose a Technology Partner?

You have discovered the need to enlist the help of a technology partner, doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult to find, just Google it, right?

The dizzying amount of results that this simple search returns will put a kink in your plans to have a list of potential technology partners to your boss by this afternoon. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when picking your technology partner and a lot of criteria you should keep in mind when making this decision. Seize the opportunity to turn this decision into a strategy to stay ahead of your competition.

First, let’s define what a technology partner is and how a technology partner is different from any other technology company. Technology partners offer technical expertise to assist you with your technology needs. A technology partner works alongside your team, taking the time to learn your business and educate you on the technical options available to you. Rather than just waiting for the end product, a technology partner will communicate and collaborate with you throughout the entire project so that the final product meets your needs, saving you time and money. Now that we have defined what a technology partner is, there are considerations that need to be addressed prior to choosing the right partner for you.

You have discovered the need to enlist the help of a technology partner, doesn’t seem like it should be too difficult to find, just Google it, right? The dizzying amount of results that this simple search returns will put a kink in your plans to have a list of potential technology partners to your boss by this afternoon. There are a lot of things that need to be considered when picking your technology partner and a lot of criteria you should keep in mind when making this decision. Seize the opportunity to turn this decision into a strategy to stay ahead of your competition.


Before you even begin searching for a partner you need to consider your budget, internal resources, your intended market, and role of the new software. You should know where your company stands on this project and how much your company is willing to spend on this project. These are all important things to understand yourself before you engage potential partners.

It is important to ask yourself a few questions about the project itself. What will you need the software for? How intuitive do you need the software to be for the end-user? Is there something on the market already that would fit your needs? After you have answered these questions you will be able to see the extent of the project and have a better idea of the resources that you will need from a technology partner. With a better understanding of the project itself and how your company will handle it, you now have to determine what attributes are important in a technology partner.


When it comes to making the decision on which company to partner with on your project it is important to take multiple factors into consideration. Your company is investing a lot of money into this one project so it is important that the project is set up to succeed. This decision can make or break your projects success so you need to take your time and do your research to find the company that is the best fit for your company and your project. You will want to see a track record of a potential partner’s level of customer service. You may have to obtain referrals and references from past customers in order to prove the level of customer service they have provided. Past projects are telling of what you can expect from the companies on your project.

To have a successful project you need to hire a company that has an understanding of your business or a company that makes understanding your business a priority. A lack of understanding in these situations can result in a project that is disjointed from your company and your message. Although companies might have an excellent level of technical expertise it will do no good if they produce a product that does not look like yours. One of the reasons that you are in search of a technology partner is likely because your company is similar to many others out there and resources are hard to come by. Make sure that potential partners have the resources you need. This information can be validated by asking for referrals, references, and looking at a portfolio of projects the company has completed. Another great way to find this information out is to ask what technologies the company uses and ask to see examples. This is one area where it will pay off to do your due diligence.

To confirm a company’s experience you should ask for a timeline of projects they are currently working on and the projects they have worked on in the past. This will be helpful for you to see if they have worked on projects similar to yours in the past which will demonstrate if they have the ability to complete your project. A timeline will also be helpful because you will be able to see if they have worked with teams and companies of comparable size.

One of the keys to a projects success is the ability to meet deadlines and make the release date. Responsiveness is a big part of being able to complete the project on time and you want a company you work with to respond to you when you have questions or changes that need to be made. You should be able to tell if a company will be as responsive as you expect from early on in your engagement.

It is important when hiring a consultant to work on your project that they are objective. You want the potential partners to be able to give you objective advice about technology. This can be an issue when some companies are only willing to work in one technology. You want to use the technology that works the best for your project and will be the most beneficial. Make sure before committing to one company that you ask what technologies the company works in and you should be able to tell from their answer their willingness to work in different environments.

Making sure your business style will work with the company you choose is important. If the company has an informal business style, but your company is formal there might be some issues. The level of professionalism should match, limiting the number of problems you might encounter. This might ensure the teams are compatible and will integrate well with each other.

Are these potential partners going to be available when you need them to be? Confirm with potential companies that they have more than one employee dedicated to your project. You may want to consider using a company that uses Project Managers or Engagement Managers to ensure that you will be able contact someone when you need to. Project managers are helpful as a single point of contact.

Chemistry and ease of doing business are important aspects to consider when choosing a technology partner. If the rapport between your team and a potential technology partner are off there will be issues that will be hard to overcome. You will get an idea of this from your initial look into the company, were they easy to get a hold of? Did you mesh well with the employees you have spoken to?

Does this project require ongoing support and do the companies you are considering offer the support you will need? Will the company prepare your own team to take over maintenance upon completion? You will have to consider what you need from the company after the completion of the project and then match those needs with a company that offers those services.

Holistic and Natural Health Education – Join the Revolution!

Natural health courses are gaining popularity among those that are looking for comprehensive education in holistic health and healing. To become a holistic healer it is very important to attend a well – known and recognized natural health college. In holistic health courses students learn about the holistic and non-invasive health approaches for disease prevention and wellness-optimization.

If you want a career in holistic healing you can get a holistic degree by pursuing education through an alternative medicine school. Unlike modern medication, holistic healing is basically used as a subsequent treatment along with the traditional medicine and cures the disease without any side effect that is why a large number of students have started exploring holistic healing courses and other ways to earn a holistic degree and become a specialized holistic leader.

For those who are unable to attain a regular holistic degree from a full time alternative medicine college, there is a chance to attain it through a reputed distance learning natural medicine university. It is always advisable for a student to check his requirements and discuss the same with the distance learning holistic health college.

A holistic degree can be earned upon a completion of an educational program in holistic health sciences. Taking admission in a renowned alternative medical college is the first step towards making a bright career in holistic medicine. The syllabus include an in – depth study of various subjects such as mind-body-spirit medicines, homeopathy, naturopathy, various massage therapies, oriental medicines and various other subjects.

The holistic doctors that have earned their degrees are permitted to work in various natural pharmacies, interactive medical clinics, other similar medical practices and can open their personal clinics. Along with an interesting career and peace of mind, the professional knowledge of natural healing can also provide complete financial stability. Like all other degree programs alternative therapy courses also provide the students with great opportunities of employment, personal and professional growth so that you may help yourself financially and cure others.

Apply for a Doctor of Holistic Medicine Degree (HMD) today and expertise in an effective form of Alternative Treatment!

Effectively Choosing a Social Media Channel

There are so many incredible social media channels from which to choose. Of all of them, one will stand out above the rest and will be the most effective of all for your business. Choosing is easier than you think.

Many business people today are very busy. In fact, they are so busy that they don’t have time to waste on social media strategies for their business. Choosing the best channel for your business is critical to your success. However, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem when it comes to choosing the most effective and appropriate channel for your particular business. It isn’t necessary to start from scratch when it comes to establishing your online presence. It is perfectly appropriate to examine what other business owners are doing with social media and follow their approach (as long as it works well for your business).

How social media is being used

It goes without saying that not all business people use social media in exactly the same way and it is worthwhile to get a good sense of exactly how social media is being used so that you can learn from those people and apply what they are doing to your own business. A very large concern, when it comes to social media choices, is about return on investment (ROI). You are making a great deal of effort when it comes to your online campaign and you would like to know that your efforts are paying off. Not only that but you also want a way to measure your business’s success as a result of your efforts. Another important issue is your target audience and how you go about identifying and targeting them. These are important concerns and before you can get much further, you need to start to gather data in those areas first.

Choosing an effective social media channel for your business

Of course, there are several social media channels that people discuss on a regular basis and choosing one of them (after you have been able to make an informed, educated decision) will most likely be what occurs. When choosing the right social media channel, there are a few ideas that you must consider. You should consider the time that you will need to invest, your focus in the market, and your experience.

  • The time that you will need to invest: The larger the amount of time that you are able (and willing) to invest, the more interesting and effective your social media repository will be. This will also help you to determine which channels are right for your business. For example, a great number of business owners spend a large amount of time per week on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blog writing. The more serious you are about your social media efforts and how they will affect your business, the more you will get out of your social media efforts.
  • Your focus in the market: If you are most involved with B2B marketing, you will probably get involved most with LinkedIn and then Twitter, blog writing and finally, Facebook. Of course, each channel has its own merits and each one has something unique to offer. It is up to you to choose which one(s) fit your business needs the most closely.
  • Your experience: If you don’t have a great deal of experience with social media for your business yet, Facebook may be the social media channel for you. After that, you may want to consider Twitter. As you become more experienced, you will have to look closely at channels that you have not yet chosen and evaluate if they are right for your business.

Use what is already out there

When you are trying to determine what to choose, look at the brilliance of others and bask in their brightness. When it comes to top-quality social media channels, you have so much available to you that you should take advantage of whatever you can. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting help from other people who have already been through what you are struggling with now. It is a very smart business approach. However, always remember how important it is to do your homework and truly educate yourself about what is out there. What may be good for one business won’t necessarily be good for another. Your social media interactions should be compelling, exciting and most of all, educational. After all, your constant goal is to help other people and to help them to solve their problems.

Teaching Children the Importance of Nutrition

In order to help them develop properly and to cultivate the right eating habits, children need to learn the importance of nutrition right from an early age. This will help them adapt the right lifestyle and follow balanced eating habits as they grow up. Children are quite prone to getting addicted to chips and cookies, and this can create negative impacts as they grow up, resulting in belly fat, improper bone development, weak core, and so on. Children are quite immature to understand why parents insist on nutrition and a balanced diet with emphasis on fruits and vegetables. It’s the parents’ responsibility to make the children understand the “why” behind it. Here are a few simple ways that can help:


One of the most effective ways to educate children about the importance of nutrition is through books. Usborne books, “Why Should I Not Eat Junk Food?” and “What Happens to the Food in My Body” are a couple of very good books that help stress the importance of nutrition to children. The books can be used to educate children about the negative effects of preservatives so that they get used to the habit of picking the least packaged items over processed and packaged items. A good reading into these areas would also help them understand terms like high fructose corn syrup, fat content, and sugar. This can help them to make healthier food choices in the future.

Hands-On Involvement

One of the most effective ways to educate children about the importance of nutrition is to engage them in the actual process. For instance, you could take them along shopping for your groceries. Show and brief them on different products available, ranging from the different types of vegetables, fruits, and other healthy options. Of course, they may not be as interested in fruits and vegetables as they would be in candies and toffees; nevertheless, the process can ignite their curiosity and prompt them to explore food and nutrition more.

Playing with food in funny ways — just like playing with anything else — can help children learn quicker and easier than using the conventional methods of explaining and rationalizing the differences between the pros and cons of different types of foods. A simple demonstration by using whole grain dark pasta to illustrate hair while using a lighter regular pasta to imitate a face would be fun for them. Another effective exercise you can try is making a collage of different colors of lentils and pulses and to see how the kids enjoy the touch and feel activity.

Nutrition Degree – Explore Nutrition Job Opportunities

More people than ever are seeking career options in the nutrition industry. For this reason, if you are interested in getting a job as a nutritionist, you must do all you can to make yourself marketable to potential employers. Education is very important but you should also gain practical experience in addition to earning a nutrition degree. This will help give you the edge over your competition.

Skills of Successful Nutritionists
In order to get a job as a nutritionist, you will need to become an expert in a variety of specialized areas. It is extremely important for you to be able to get along with and work well with others. A nutritionist must also be able to multi-task.

After you earn your nutrition degree and start practicing your profession, you will be working on a number of different projects and you will be consulting others. Nutritionists stay in constant contact with clients and colleagues through telephone contact, group meetings, and one-on-one sessions.

It is important to maintain a professional attitude and to be a good listener. Take into consideration the opinions of others. If a conflict arises, calmly address the issue and offer solutions and be respectful.

Nutrition Degree Education Requirements
While you are studying for your nutrition degree, you will be required to learn about food. This includes preparing healthy meals as well as the chemical make-up of the various food sources.

Clients seeking your services may not be familiar terms such as antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids and the impact they have on a person’s wellbeing. Students seeking a nutrition degree will also have to have the ability to take complex scientific information and break it down into layman’s terms to explain it to the average person. For example, you may have to explain HDL and LDL cholesterol to a person who has a limited education.

Backpacking Trip

Many people are looking for a more active and healthy alternative to the typical vacation. Some are heading out into various beautiful wilderness areas on backpacking trips. Or they may be traveling to far away cities around the world. Whether looking for inexpensive and adventurous ways to get away from it all or having had some hiking and camping experiences in the past, planning a backpacking trip could fulfill your needs.

There are many things that people think about when they hear the term backpacking trip. For some, it recalls urban backpacking culture, where men and women would crisscross the urban landscape with their backpacks, living without anything except what rests in their packs. To others backpacking often refers to an intense, outdoor camping experience. A backpacking trip can take a single weekend or a few months, depending on what the backpacker wants. Traveling by backpack can take you across the globe. A backpacker can see the landscape and meet people on a personal basis at a slower pace.

There has been a significant increase in backpacking trips across places like southeast Asia. You may find backpackers in a truly wide variety of areas. Not only will they frequent the cities, but they will also head out into vast stretches of wilderness, displaying a truly formidable type of self-reliance. If you are interested in backpacking trips, don’t worry! There’s no need to start off in this fashion; you will find plenty of different opportunities to hit the trail, many of them no further than your own home state.

There is a real trend of environmental awareness on many backpacking trips. You will find that many people subscribe to the idea that you should take only photographs, leave only footprints and kill only time. This is an environmentally responsible credo and you will find that when you go backpacking that you are often responsible for your own trash, so plan accordingly. There are many different ways that experienced backpackers will conserve resources and reduce their waste products.

There are many ways to get started backpacking; few people simply hit the trail alone. Most often, people end up going with friends or family that will give them a lifelong love of the event, but other people won’t be introduced until a great deal later in their life. You will find that if you are really determined and can’t talk any of your friends or family into going with you, you will find that there are plenty of backpacking tours and guides that are available. Even if you can’t find anyone else who is interested, there is no reason you can’t take to the trail on your own.

A good backpacking trip can really change your entire life and world view. When you go backpacking, you will find that getting away from it all means a lot more than just turning your cell phone off. There are plenty of different reasons why you might want to go on a backpacking trip, but one great reason to go is to give yourself time to think. Find out a little bit more about this overwhelmingly rich opportunity by heading to backpacking trip.

Acne Skin Products – How to Choose the Best One?

Acne skin products are made with the aim to reach out to thousands of sufferers trying to cope up with this awful skin condition. These products usually work quickly towards making improvements in the skin by removing acne and leaving the skin much cleaner and healthier as well. With the sudden rise in concern about this skin problem, countless products have come up as a healing solution. However, not all of these products are safe and effective.

The recent acne products target the acne and aim to clean them up from their roots. This is achieved by cleansing the face thoroughly without being very harsh. This helps in limiting the proliferation of bacteria and results in impurities removal. They help in eliminating acne and in turn provide a supple texture to the skin that further helps in limiting the production of oil and preventing the bacteria from proliferating. This in turn helps in clearing acne within a very short span of time.

Skin care products range from the topical over-the-counter solutions to oral pills and medications. Also there are natural remedies to relieve the condition. You can avail the OTC medications from online pharmacies and local stores, while for the topical and the oral solutions, you would have to see a dermatologist.

Before purchasing OTC, one must be very careful about the ingredients contained in them. The best treatment for acne includes benzoyl peroxide, resoycinol, sulfur and salicyclic acid. These ingredients must be contained in a good OTC product. The ingredients help in maintaining the physiological balance of the skin while eliminating harmful bacteria completely. However, you must follow the directions mentioned on the label.

The recent acne skin products are by far the best in the business and have also been influencing the cause of acne outbreaks. They are widely available in the form of gels, lotions, creams, ointments, pads and oral solutions. But the basic remains unchanged – cleansing the skin is the very first step to start off your session.

Once your skin is clean, chances of developing acne reduce significantly. However, if you are still suffering, you must choose a product that will not just cure your acne but will also prevent scarring. That’s a must!

Online Shopping – Convenient and Comfortable Shopping 24×7

We all need to shop for the various articles and items from time to time. Sometimes we need small things that are needed for our day to day lives while at times we may be wanting a high tech gadget. Shopping is certainly an indispensable part of our lives. We spend large sum of money in buying the objects of our needs and liking. Everyone simply loves to shop however there are various constraints like time, distance, lack of company that refrain one from moving out for shopping. However the advancement in technology has bestowed the humans with great comfort and ease. The advent of online shopping has given immense facilities to the people and now we can shop within the comfort and privacy of our homes. The internet has given great convenience to the people and now the customers can get their desired products with great ease.

Online shopping is a unique concept in which the customers can easily seek all the information regarding a particular product with great ease. They can easily look out for the various brands and models to determine which product is most suitable for them. One can easily seek details like price, make, features, design etc from the various websites and portals. Shopping online has become extremely popular amongst the people across the world. Prime reason for the immense success of this kind of shopping is the easy access to loads of information and simple procedures that appeal to today’s generation. Due to lack of time it is difficult for the consumers to visit the markets and stores and spend hours trying different products. There is so much variety available in even the simplest of products that it needs a lot of time to compare the various products. Moreover you cannot expect to find all the products at a single store. In an online store you can find all kinds of items. The items are listed with complete information like prices, specifications etc. You can find everything from beauty products to medicines, from high tech electronic gadgets to home decor etc. A wide range of products are readily available on the internet. By simply logging on to the world of web you can have access to all your favourite products.

These days you cannot only find products and details on the internet but can also seek advice from the experts. The various shopping portals provide the users facility to compare the prices and also discuss the quality and performance of the items on the forums. The users have the facility to write reviews and also get clear insight of the product by referring to the opinions and the reviews of other users. These days price comparison shopping is creating waves in the market as the users prefer to analyze and compare the features of the various products to avail the most perfect one. You can also find listing of various products along with the prices and features. They can compare the costs and then decide which product they want to avail and from which brand or seller.

The various sellers provide great offers and discounts on different items. By carefully examining different online stores, the users shall be able to identify the best products. They can get great benefits like free gifts, free subscription, cash back etc. So now you can easily get your desired items with great ease. Shopping online is extremely easy and is a sheer fun. You simply need to connect to the internet, search for the product on the various websites, log on to a reliable shopping portal and order the product. Making payments for the products that have been purchased online is very simple. You can pay with the help of credit cards, debit cards or through your bank account. However one needs to be careful and cautious while shopping online. The customers should only log on to the reliable price comparison shopping websites that promise security of information regarding credit cards numbers.