Five Indications That You’re Ready to Upgrade to Satellite Internet

By | May 21, 2023

Twenty years ago, dial-up internet was cutting-edge technology, but today it’s an incredibly outdated service that a surprisingly large number of people are still relying on. Many people simply haven’t upgraded their internet connections because they haven’t put much thought into it. Since dial-up internet was great 20 years ago, some people think it’s still a suitable service today, but in reality it isn’t. People who utilize dial-up services access the internet at a rate that is at least 50 times slower than nearly any other internet option, but instead of being so left behind, they could easily switch to speedy satellite internet. Switching to satellite is easier and more affordable than you might think, and this great service is available anywhere in America. Here are five signs that you need to make the switch away from dial-up internet to faster satellite internet service:

5. When you find yourself multi-tasking because it takes so long for websites to load, then it’s time for you to upgrade your service. You shouldn’t have to wait more than 30 seconds for a website to load, but if you’ve still got dial-up service, then it often takes several minutes, or even hours for the content of a website to load. Waiting that long gets boring very quickly, but with a faster connection, you’ll find that you never have to wait or find extra things to do because you’re bored.

4. If it takes you more than half an hour to download any TV show, then you should get rid of your old service. Dial-up internet isn’t serving you well, but you can increase your downloads by up to 50 times faster if you switch to satellite internet service.

3. When you try to call your friends and family online using a service like Skype or Google Video and you experience a lot of problems, it’s probably because your internet connection is so slow. People with slow internet service often have their internet calls dropped or the picture or sound are often choppy. Get faster internet service to experience hassle-free internet calls.

2. If you try to look at your friends Facebook photos, but it takes several minutes for just one of them to load, then you should upgrade to satellite internet. Everyone wants to be able to easily keep in touch with friends and family members online, which is why tools like Facebook are so popular. Yet, if you have to wait a long time just to see one photo that someone has uploaded, then you’re wasting a lot of unnecessary time and many people simply give up trying.

1. When you want to watch that funny YouTube video or that important news clip that everyone has been emailing around, you’ll be forced to wait excessively long periods of time for those videos to load. Dial-up service was created before many videos ever existed on the internet, and in order to watch those videos in a reasonable time frame, you’ve got to upgrade to satellite internet.